Two BIG Announcements!

Two Awesome Opportunities for YOU!

Happy Sunday

Hi Ladies,
I have two super exciting announcements....both that will be BIG benefits to you and your business. Check it out....

Virtual Trunk Show Training

Have you ever wondered how you could have more success with your online business? If the answer is sure to join the Virtual Trunk Show Event taking place Monday, March 23rd at 8:00 CST. Here is the link:

I've tested this out and had great success! After the event I will post an Evernote with all of the images and content so you can book a virtual style session over the next week.

However there are a few rules you will want to remember about virtual trunk shows.

5 Rules For Virtual Trunk Shows:

1. They will never be as successful as "in person" trunk shows. It's where we connect, meet and style. You can't replicate this online.

2. If you do an online trunk show - make it a virtual style session. The invite works JUST like an in person show. The only exception is you will meet on a Private FB Page. It lasts 30-60 minutes.

3. The hostess HAS to take ownership. It's up to her to drive attendance and traffic to the event.

4. You should only do 1 online style session for every 4 in person trunk shows to keep momentum in your business. I really can't stress this enough.

5. NEVER offer an online trunk show to someone who lives in the same city as you. You will get pigeon holed and it will be very hard for you to get live trunk shows in your local market. I can't stress this one enough. It could literally ruin your business if you start doing online style sessions in your local market.

Book One In TIGHT

1. If you are close to earning your $500 for $99 coupon you could do a virtual trunk show in the next 5 days. In fact, I recommend creating the facebook event 3-4 days before the it's easy to book in tight with a friend who lives in a different city.

2. If you are a stylist who didn't sample the Spring Collection...this is a great way for you to jumpstart your business. You can do a few virtual trunk shows with out of town hostess and earn some $ to invest in the Summer Collection

3. If you are low on volume this's a quick way to boost your volume.

And Now for the BIG BIG NEWS!

Jessica Herrin is Coming to KC on Wednesday, April 22nd

Check out the event on our Ruby Reds Team Page....More to come soon including how you can get an early bird ticket to the event!

It's official....she'll be here soon! Mark your calendars and save the date for a FABULOUS Day! Tickets will be on sale SOON! More to come on this...but here is a tentative agenda.

3-5 Mini Booking & Sponsoring Bootcamp
5-6 Mix and Mingle
6:00 - Jessica Keynote/Meet Stella & Dot

7:00 - it's a wrap
7:30 - 10:00 Stars and Above Celebration at Tara's House with Jessica.

We are finalizing the costs with the OPCC and I will post tickets to the event soon!

Earn a Spot at the Private After Party

You heard it here....and I want you at the private party at my house! The REAL party is taking place after hours....and you have the opportunity to earn a spot at the Ruby Reds After Party at my house with Jessica! It's an exclusive event just for our team....and I want to celebrate you with our amazing Founder & CEO.

How do you earn a spot? You've got to hustle!

Two ways to qualify:
1. Star Payrank in 2015
2. Sell $3,225 between April 1st-20th

Why $3, means your pacing for Stellar Seller! So you won't stop at the $3,'ll go on to hit $5,000 in April! That would be $1,600 of cash in your pocket, $100 of free jewelry and the party of the YEAR.

Will it be easy? No
Will it be fun? YES
Will it be worth it? HELL YES!

The best way to get one more for March! That opens up a new group of women to host and you can book April NEXT week. So hustle over the next few days to book in tight for March. WORST case scenario....they say no to March and you book them in April.

Sisterly advice? Book 5 shows before the 20th. You have 3 Wednesdays, 3 Thursdays and 3 weekends to get those 5 shows in....and YOU CAN DO IT! Look for a few more booking blitzes next week....and take part in them!

So...who's going to be at the party at my house with Jessica??

Tara Renze

Star Director & Founding Leader
And YOUR Biggest Fan!!