Cross Cultural Travelers

By:Alton Udeh

Mass Tourism

A. People and groups would travel from place to place for either recreation purposes or for study purposes.

B. Thomas Cook established the first travel agency offering guided tours of Europe in the 1850's and subsequently in the United States. His travel agency helped tourist travel and it would also help them make hotel accommodations. Karl Baedeker and his son exploited the economic potential of tourism.

C. Traveling throughout the world exposes travelers to new cultures and they learn new things, eat new food, and get new products which they bring back to their homes.

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Internation Orginizations

A.NGO's take care of problems that is beyond the reach of national governments.

B.The Red Cross is dedicated to alleviating the sufferings of wounded soldiers, prisoners of war, and civilians in time of war.

C.The Geneva Convention, which laid down the rules for the treatment of the wounded and the protection of medical personnel and hospitals. The convention adopted the red cross as a symbol of neutral aid.

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United Nations

A. The United Nations was formed to keep peace throughout the world and settling social, economical and political disputes between countries.

B. The United Nations is made up of several representatives from several different nations in reorder for the organization to run smoothly and attempt to enforce treaties and peace, globally.

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