Invisible Populations

By: Robert B. A4

The Invisible People of the World

Obviously there are not any people who are actually invisible. The definition of invisibility: unable to be seen; not visible to the eye. There is no such person who is physically invisible the people in these sources feel like they are invisible. However, there are many people that everyone has ignored. The homeless people, the workers who work in the fields and the people who feel invisible becaus they are ignored. Again and again they have been ignored by people for their entire lives. All of these people have been ignored by everyone, it is time that you help and acknowledge the people you walk by everyday....

Invisibility Among the Homeless Populations

Homeless Children by adapted by NEWSELA

According to NEWSELA, one in thirty children in the United States of America are homeless. These children are living in 24 hour diners, bouncing from motel to motel, sleeping on friends couches, and some live on the streets. "Child homelessness has reached epidemic proportions in America"- Carmen DeCandia. The fact is that homelessness in children has doubled since 2010. In Chicago Public Schools, 60,000 students are identified as homeless, that is double the number of homeless children in previous years. These children are completely passed by the people on the streets. Many of these homeless people are turned away from shelters because, of their age or another reason. According to NAEHCY, 51% of all homeless children are under the age of six years old. Approximately 25% of homeless preschoolers and younger students are suffering mental health issues and physical health issues. "There is not enough money for housing or for schools to provide all of the educational and mental health services needed"- NEWSELA. This quote demonstrates that the homeless populations are invisible because, they can't get the services needed.hese studies and staggering numbers demonstrates how sever the problem of homelessness is across the globe. The government is trying to help the homeless population but, the homeless people need your help and compassion as well.
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Invisibility in the Workers

As I said, there are many different populations of invisible people. One of the large group of invisible people is the workers. In the autobiography The Circuit by Francisco Jimenez , the family are sharecroppers that travel from farm to farm looking for work. According to The Circuit he talks about how his family has to hide from the other children when they don't attend school during the year. This shows that the sharecroppers feel invisible because, nobody notices them. They have to completely hide from civilization because they are poor and can't attend school. After every season the family must move. (Francisco Jimenez 71). The "neatly packed boxes' symbolize how he feels inside, he feels like no one cares about what he thinks and how he feels. Many of the workers feel similar to the character in The Circuit by Francisco Jimenez. Across the world, there are 30 million slaves+. All of these people are experiencing the same things and hardships as Jimenez. You can make an impact by speaking out against the slave owners. If you see something say something! The time for you to make an impact is not tomorrow, it wasn't yesterday the day to act is today.
Skylar Grey - Invisible

"Invisible" by Skylar Grey

Not only do the homeless and the slaves feel invisible, it is the people around you. In Invisible by Skylar Grey. In the song she talks about how she feels like she is invisible and unnoticed by others. In the song, she says that "Even when I walk on a wire, even when I set myself on fire, why do I always feel invisible?" This quote from the song demonstrates how the author feels like she is never noticed. Also, Grey mentions how she sets herself on fire which shows that she is also suicidal because, she feels like she is invisible. Many people feel the same way across the world. Someone commits suicide every 12.8 seconds in the United States. That is a staggering number. Throughout the song she mentions how she tries to change herself to not become invisible anymore. In the song she says that she says she tries everything to try and have people notice her. (Grey 3). When she says that she tries to get attention she means that Grey wants to have people notice her and not ignore her. You can help these people by just not walking by, say something, start a conversation! We need to raise the awareness for these people who feel invisible!


In conclusion, there are many people in the world that feel invisible. Whether it be the homeless, the workers or the common people there is always someone who is ignored. You can help these people by raising awareness for these people! Start the conversations that will be changing the world. You can help these people today!


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