Flat Stanley's Adventure by Charley Goodknight

About Pennsylvania

Did you know stuff about Pennsylvania? If you do not , then you should read what I got from Pennsylvania! One thing about Pennsylvania is that Pennsylvania's nickname is called "The Keystone State". Another thing about Pennsylvania is that the the Pennsylvania animal is called " The White-Tailed Deer". Another fact about Pennsylvania is that Pennsylvania's song is called "Pennsylvania". The governor of Pennsylvania is Tom Corbett. The state capital of Pennsylvania is in Harrisburg. The three biggest cites in Pennsylvania is Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Allentown.If you want to read more, you are free to!
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All About Edward Goodrich Acheson

Edward Goodrich made an electricity plant. He was born in March 9, 1856. He died in July 6, 1931. If you want to learn more about him, push the blue title!