Grobe's STAAR Edition

Writing STAAR

Reaching for the Stars on STAAR!

WOW! It is hard to believe that STAAR is upon us! This year has flown by, for sure! I am so proud of my students' hard work and preparation! I know that taking tests can be stressful, so this newsletter is filled with valuable information to hopefully eliminate some of that stress! As always, please reach out to me with any questions you may have!


Destine' Grobe

Breakfast with Mrs. Grobe & Mrs. Morris

One of the most important things is for our children to be in a "happy" and relaxed state the morning of March 30th and 31st! So to help with that, I will be hosting a BREAKFAST PARTY for my students on both writing STAAR days. Last year, my kids LOVED this time together!

Here's how it will work:

  • Prepare them with a great breakfast (or stop by your favorite breakfast place)
  • Send them to school with their breakfast
  • Have your child at school at 7:20!
  • If your child likes to eat the cafeteria breakfast, they will be able to bring that to my room!

They will come into my room for us all to eat breakfast together! I will have fun music playing and maybe even a little dancing, too! This will be a time for us to share words of encouragement, hugs, and have some fun before we set off to ROCK the STAAR.

Important Info!

To ensure you have all the important info needed for STAAR, I have compiled a list of "to knows.". Please take a moment to read the info below and let me know if you have any questions!

  • No backpacks
  • If not buying a lunch- bring lunch box
  • water bottle with squirt top lid
  • If your child must bring a cell phone- it will be collected that day and returned before leaving school. (my cell will also be collected)
  • We will have a closed campus, so no visitors or volunteers
  • No snack on these days (our lunch will be at an earlier time)
  • PLEASE have your students at school at 7:20, so they can participate in our Breakfast Party.
  • If not attending our ULTRA FUN BREAKFAST PARTY - they must be at school at 7:45

And just for your added information, teachers will not have their MacBooks on these days ,so I will not be able to return any emails throughout the day, as well.