6th grade Technology at Lineville

By: Lennon Riesterer

Typing Web

  • Everyday in technology class you practice typing for 5 minutes at the beginning of class.
  • The class has a deadline though you have to complete the lesson sentences by the end of the first quarter.
  • I personally think the typing program is boring at first with random words flying at you, but then you start typing things that make sense and it then gets better.


  • In this unit the whole class gets to make an iTrailer on whatever you want.
  • The thing is though it is a little bit hard because you can do it on whatever you want and it a can be hard on what to decide on.
  • When I made my iTrailer I had a lot of fun with my family making it.

Haiku Deck

  • When you make a Haiku deck you create it about your dream job and college.
  • Creating the Haiku deck is not to hard if you have all your information and a plan
  • I think that Haiku deck is a fun project creating and designing your own presentation.

Explain Everything

  • Your teacher will ask you to solve a math problem to choose and solve using the app Explain Everything.
  • She will give you 10 problems to choose from.
  • In my opinion this project is not to hard.

Career Locker

  • In this unit you will learn about colleges and your own dream job.
  • You take surveys and tests to help you decide what dream job you will go with.
  • I think this unit will really help you decide what job and college to go to.


  • This unit teaches you how to code in fun ways.
  • There is a ton of different activities and modes you can play with.
  • I thought this was a ton of fun I hope you enjoy it to.