Tomie dePaola

Author & Illustrator

Tomie dePaola's Accomplishments

Tomie dePaola is a famous author and illustrator of children's books. For the past 40 years Tomie has been publishing children's books. In fact, he has published over 240 books! From a young age Tomie new he wanted to be an artist. In his book The Art Lesson, a young Tomie stays up late at night drawing and even draws on the walls of his house. Tomie also had a love for reading, which he says he got from his mom.

After high school, Tomie attended the Pratt Institute, an art school. There he spend lots of time practicing drawing. He had to wait several years, though, before he got to work on his first book.

All of Tomie dePaola's hard work and practice has paid off! In addition to writing and illustrating so many books, Tomie has won awards for many of his books. Some of these honors are the Caldecott Award, the Newbery Medal, and the Laura Ingalls Wilder award.

Interview with Author Tomie dePaola Part 1