"They charged forward like wild bulls. He let out a single blood curdling cry..."(165-166), as King Gilgamesh fought through much when they battled Humbaba, it required much bravery from both men including Enkidu.

"I will go before you, you can call out to me, go on be not afraid!"(181-182), Gilgamesh tells Enkidu how he should not be afraid, and that they will be okay.


Faced the Lotus-Eaters, succulent nectar..."whowever ate the sweet fruit lost the will to report back..."(94-95)

During "The Odyssey", the men encountered Circe, the dread goddess with coiled hair, that bewildered the men turning them into pigs; the men struggled yet it had to have taken brave men to battle someone with the capability to turn someone into a


Bravery comes in all forms

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