Eating Disorders

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In America, 40-60% of elementary school girls are concerned with the way they look. 20 million women and 2 million men are affected by eating disorders right here in the states! There are many different types of eating disorders, but this flier will go over some of the top 3.
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Anorexia is an eating disorder where the affected person starves themselves for the sake of looking 'skinny'. This eating disorder is dangerous because the person does not get the proper nutrients required to live a healthy lifestyle. Bulimia is when a person binge eats (or eats a lot of food in one sitting) then force vomits to get rid of the food. When a person does this, you also deprive your body of nutrients. The final disorder is binge eating, where someone eats a lot of food in one sitting, but only eats in scattered periods.
Eating Disorders: My Battle with Anorexia