The Enchanted Umbrella - England

Written by Odette Meyers and Illustrated by Margot Zemach


In the book The Enchanted Umbrella, The main character Patou was an orphan. He worked in an umbrella shop with him. Before the old man died, he said to his nephew that he and Patou would share the shop. The nephew said that he understood, but when the old man died, the greedy nephew booted Patou out of the shop with nothing but an old umbrella that the old man said to give to him. Soon, Patou realized that the umbrella wasn't just some umbrella. He found out that the umbrella could fly. No matter where he went, he was still treated badly by the people around him. One time, after being treated terribly by a random rich couple, he was whisked away into the ocean when there was strong winds. After many days, he finally washed ashore at some far away place. At this place, his treatment was the complete opposite of his usual treatment. Since at this land, whoever had an umbrella was the king or queen. So, from there on, he was the king of that land. And when he got his kingdom, he made a mini umbrella shop. And he became famous for it and lived happily ever after.