It's time to party, CAUSE WERE FREE

India's Independence from Britain!!!

We're finally free!

On August 20th 1947, were having a party! Because today on the day of August 15th 1947, we won independence from Britain hosted by yours truly Mohandas Gandhi.

The Party for US!

Wednesday, Aug. 20th 1947 at 6pm

Surat, Gujarat, India

Surat, GJ

Reason: It's because we have finally won our independence on the day of August 15,1947 so it's time to party! All Indians invited of course!

Our Agenda for the day!

6:15 - A small speech from Gandhi

6:45 -Refreshments and Appetizer

7:00 -A Plan for our future

7:30 - Main course

8:30 - Deserts

10:00- Ending speech for Gandhi

Who to contact?

If possible please talk to me in person if you're coming but if that isn't possible please send a telegram and please do this as soon as possible so we can plan everything out.
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What to bring?

As you can see by the picture above I would like you to bring a sign as a symbol to show how we can obtain what we want in a peaceful way without violence.
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Gandhi has gave us our independence through peaceful protest and now were he has gave us freedom on the day August 15,1947 so we're having a party on the day of August 20,1947.