Helping Paws Adoption Center

Helping dogs find their forever homes since 1999

Everybody needs somebody to love :)

Helping Paws Adoption Center (HPAC) is helping dogs find their soul mate every day. They are lonely, abused and looking for somebody to love. Just because they have had a rough life so far, doesn't mean you can't change that around. HPAC can't hold them forever and these pups need somene to take care of them. They need a forever home, and that could be you. They are simple to take care of. Food, water, a little love and they're good to go at an affordable price. There are over 75 dogs to choose from and we bring in more each day from the dangerous streets. With your help we can get them off the streets and into welcoming homes with lots of love and care. There are plenty of options, you're almost guarenteed to find your perfect pup.

And I choose you<3

Everyone needs a best friend, who says it can't be a dog? Taylor Swift adopted her lil' beagle Muffins here last year and has been very satisfied since. Everyone loves Helping Paws Adoption Center. Sally Johnson adopted a puppy here a week or so ago too and is very pleased with her new german shepherd. Eveyone's rushing in to HPAC right now, and you may be wondering why? The better question though is why not!? There are bunches of caring puppies here waiting for you to rush in too. So come on down to the HPAC kennel near you to find your perfect pup today!