Autism and Aspergers.

Parents and family members of Autism.

Healing tool for Autism and Aspergers.

Although there are many possible symptoms of Autism and Aspergers disorder (ASD), the main symptom is significant trouble with verbal communication, connecting in social situations along with calming the body and the mind. Though the ancient science of Kundalini yoga, Karisa has formulated some easy and fundamental tools to help people with ASD to experience a more fulfilling life. Using the many facets of this yoga practice including breath, movement, mudras, and sound vibration, Karisa will help balance into the glandular system of the body and the left and right hemisphere of the brain working to ease the difficulties of those with ASD. These simple techniques will allow parents and other family members to help their loved ones with ASD.


Saturday, Nov. 14th, 1:30-3pm

19 Scudder Avenue

Northport, NY

This intro workshop is for Family members that are looking for tools to help their loved one's with Autism. Here you will be provided with techniques that can be used to help your love one with Autism experience a more fulfilling life experience. Karisa encourages encourage you to bring your child or loved one with Autism syndrome, so we can apply these techniques in a safe environment.
The energy exchange for this workshop is $40
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