Free Zone Businesses In Dubai

Perks Of Free Zone Businesses In Dubai

Perks Of Free Zone Businesses In Dubai

Free Zones in Dubai are those places where international companies can continue their businesses, which are otherwise not allowed to business inside of the country. The reason is that these specific companies are not licensed to do business inside of Dubai, as these companies mostly deal with imports and exports. Companies inside of Dubai do business with the help of local distributors. Therefore, it is indeed an attractive option for an international company to do business in the Free Zone. Following are some of the perks for doing Umm Al Quwain Free Zone business.

A Very Minimal Amount Of Export And Import Duty

Importing or exporting goods from the shores of Dubai definitely needs a lot of duty, if you are not in the Free Zone. But businesses in the Free Zone have to pay a very small amount duty for the same. This will very much help in increasing the overall revenues of the company because the fixed costs are getting lower.

No Amount Of Corporate Tax To Be Paid

Companies doing business in Dubai have to always pay some amount of corporate tax, in order to have the license to maintain their operations in the country. But companies operating the Free Zone are not required to pay such tax. Any tax that is being waived off is definitely a good thing for the company.

Fast Business Setup And Licensing

It is very well known that after the UAQ Free Zone company formation, getting a license in Dubai is not easy. But, that is not the same with Free Zone. In the Free Zone, there are no such requirements that will hamper the progress, and therefore the approval process is very quick as well. This means that one can easily set up shops in the Free Zone in no time.

Low Amount Of Operating And Start-Up Costs

Running a business requires a lot of other Government fees and taxes, which are otherwise very minimal in case of companies setting up in Free Zones. Even the start-up costs are low as well, which allows you to maximize your profits.

Thus, there are a lot of benefits that a company could experience if that company sets up shop in the Free Zone of Dubai. Not only there are less law and regulations, but also low overall running costs as well. This allows businesses to flourish more and enjoy the freedom of open trade, with very minimal import and export duty.