by Alex De Feo

An Introduction

When I reflected on the variety of assignments completed for this course, and particularly the items that I wanted to display I took a step back and analyzed which assignments taught me the most. This fall, and this particular class, allowed me the opportunity to delve into the bountiful options available to librarians; many of which I had no idea even existed (such as These opportunities have expanded my basic knowledge of what I can use to best articulate information to patrons, and just getting accustomed to staying up-to-date with current technology trends.

With all that being said, I decided to focus my portfolio on two of my creative projects that allowed me to acclimate myself with the unknown whilst combining things that I love. Please enjoy!

Library Instructional Handout

For this particular assignment I had the pleasure of creating an instructional handout that would be suitable at a local library, and highlights an option that is accessible to Orange County Library patrons. Language learning software such as Mango Languages, provides a rare opportunity for patrons to have the ability to learn a new language and more importantly practice or learn English! Living in Central Florida, this commodity is an important one, and there has never been a time where I have not had to show a patron how to access this service; mostly because the information requires some site surfing through Many patrons just have absolutely no clue that this database is available for free with their card.

I decided to use parts of Microsoft word for this particular assignment, nothing out of the ordinary for me, but learning to screen shot for easy to use pictures in the handout was new to me. I also decided to incorporate aspects of publisher in order to get the nice header for this document. I later learned how to save the item to my google drive and how to format it, so that I could upload the item on this presentation and also to be able to turn it in.
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Digital Story: A Look Into the Past

This particular assignment was definitely one that I needed to acclimate myself with many different softwares, and just the concept of digital storytelling as a whole. It was a little difficult, but once I began to use the software I chose I found that it was easy to use and created a presentation I could be proud of. For this particular digital storytelling I decided to focus on the biography of my grandparents migration to Montreal, Canada from Ateleta, Italy. This story is not an unusual one, as many people have immigrated to North and South America in the prospect of a better life, but it is unique because this cannon included my grandparents plight. Having sat down and listened to their stories of living in their war torn country, and their perilous migration to a foreign country, almost completely alone -- albeit with one another, it is almost unfathomable that I would be blessed to have been raised, let alone know, such brave and strong grandparents.

As stated, this project took a lot of time and research from trying to find a system to create my digital story and even learning how to add music onto my video. Everything became a work in project, but using the Movie Maker software made it feel easy. Tweaking my project as I went on was most likely the most time consuming; having to adjust specific photos with specific topics discussed in the video. When I had to include background music, I had to learn to be able to convert a YouTube file into an MP3, something I had no clue could even be accomplished! In the end I felt as though my rendition was a success, and I am not only pleased, but proud of my final product.