BAISD Fall Conference 2020

November 3rd, 2020 8:20am - 3:10pm

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Registration and Overview

Participants will have the option of four 80 minute breakout sessions, two half-day sessions, or a combination of both.

Although presenters will be virtual, districts will determine how participants will engage in the conference (in-person or remote, in teams together or individually, one login or multiple).

We are continuing our theme of "The Whole Child, Our Whole World" for this year's conference, and have selected national and local presenters based on their positive contributions to ensuring the education of the Whole Child. In addition to the Keynotes and Featured speakers, we have a limited number of local presenters who will be sharing their expertise.

SCHED Tutorials and Support

The only way to register, access presentation links and resources, and earn DPPD hours for the BAISD Fall Conference 2020 is through SCHED. You can use your web browser or the app on your mobile device. See the links below for support.

Click here for Tutorial: Web Tour for Attendees (if you're using a device such as a Chromebook or Laptop)

Click here for Tutorial: App Tour for Attendees (if you're using the app on a phone or ipad)

Link to Attendee Guide

Keynotes and Featured Speakers: