Support Kids4Peace

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About Kids4Peace

  • Founded in Jerusalem in 2002, KIDS4PEACE is a global movement of Jewish, Christian & Muslim youth, dedicated to ending conflict and inspiring hope in divided societies around the world.
  • Through a network of local chapters, Kids4Peace operates five international summer camps and a six-year, year-round program for more than 250 Palestinian, Israeli and North American youth.
  • Kids4Peace prepares youth to be interfaith leaders. We equip them with skills and practices to resist violence, influence others toward peace, and work together for lasting change.

How to Support Kids4Peace in NC

K4P hosts its Southeast Regional Camp at Camp Kanuga in Hendersonville. There are a number of ways to help support the efforts of Kids4Peace in NC:

  • Make a donation. It costs about $1500 for an American camper to attend Kids4Peace and about $3000 for an Israeli camper. Kids4Peace offers scholarships up to full tuition for any camper who has a heart to make peace. Please consider helping to sponsor a camper, in whole or in part.
  • Help us grow the visibility of K4P in Asheville and WNC. Spread the word via social media and tradition print and airwave media. Talk to friends and colleagues. Reach out to other faith communities.
  • Help recruit campers for upcoming years. We need to begin reaching out and letting families of children ages 9 and up know that this incredible opportunity is on the horizon for their children.
  • Help with fundraising activities. Fundraisers not only help to raise money, they help to build presence and awareness.

Want to get involved? Please call Lauren Rosenfeld at 828-713-9197 or email at lauren@lgrosenfeld.