The Holocaust

Jack Landrey Academic 3

Over 1 million Jews died during the Holocaust. The Holocaust was a terrifying and awful time during WWII for Jews. Adolf Hitler a German dictator thought Jews were a threat. So all Jews in Germany were sent to Concentration Camps to be killed.

Jewish families were broken up and split apart, families most of the time didn't see each other again. Hitler punished Jews for being a threat to Germany. Adolf Hitler took Jews from their homes and sent them to Concentration Camps to be killed in gas chambers. Concentration Camps were full of Jews from all around Germany. Hitler thought Jews were the reason Germany was Failing> In conclusion, Jews had no decision to live or not.

The Holocaust was a horrible time during WWII for Jews. Jews were a huge threat to Hitler in Germany. Jews were killed in Concentration Camps. The Holocaust is a day that everyone should remember how brutal it was for Jews.