BAPS Sunday Focus 2016 T1 Wk 3


This Wednesday is our final day for submitting our student enrolment numbers. We currently have 19 classes (and 3/4) classes making us quite full especially in stage 2. Our executive team is considering options to spread our numbers including a possible 2/3 class.

Our Director PS, NSW Lisa Muir will be visiting on Wednesday for the preparation of my PDP. As the initial meeting takes time I may not be able to visit classrooms with Lisa but I hope to share and celebrate your great work with her in the future.

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Lisa and the exec team are currently revamping our model for providing support to staff and students through our LST team. We will discuss this at our communication meeting Thursday.
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2016 Teacher Professional Learning

Our 2016 exit data still shows that our school-wide Professional Learning (PL) needs to have a writing focus and we will be endeavouring to provide you all with PL in this area.

As we do with our students our executive staff and myself believe that we need to align our PL plan to staff need. Executive discussions provide some of the insight into everyones's needs but I would also like to hear directly from all of you.

I have attached a short PBL survey. It includes 3 questions to evaluate last year's PL schedule. Can all teaching staff please complete the survey by Friday 12 February. As I have stated before make sure you have your say.

Our Term 1 schedule has been set.

If you wish to attend a Professional Learning which is not coordinated by our own staff can you please complete the PL application form which is located on the front page of Sentral.

When selecting PL consider the following-

How does it align with my PDP goals?

What is the cost?

How can I bring the new knowledge back to BAPS and improve other staff?

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I have been really impressed with the improvement in our Newsletter.

Some of our working parents will only get to see our school through our newsletter and online presence so we need to ensure it is enjoyable to read and promotes our school.

When producing a report please look to minimise text and include images. There is nothing wrong with having your students produce class reports.

What a great way to make writing relevant.

We will be producing a newsletter in the following weeks-

1 (Principal only)

3 K-2

5 3-6

7 K-2

9 3-6

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Out and About

This week I was able to spend plenty of time in the classrooms and it was really enjoyable to see staff enthusiasm and settled classes to commence the new year. I really enjoyed watching some of our stage 2 classes 'push the edge' in regards to changing their learning environment. Sometimes it just takes us to think differently about our space to create a classroom more conducive to learning.

Our K-2 classes placed great emphasis on developing quality learning environments throughout the latter part of 2015 and it has flowed through this year.

I have enjoyed the settled nature of our stage 3 classes and the synchronisation of expectations and learning styles will be interesting to watch as we progress.

AVID is making a difference for these children.

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Instructional Coaching

I have included some videos about instructional coaching. It looks different in every school but this gives you a feeling for IC. The first video is a little tough to watch as Jim Knight is a better educator than public speaker.

The second video is another visual representation of instructional coaching.

We will discuss the BAPS plan for IC at our Tuesday afternoon meeting.

Instructional Coaching - Dr Jim Knight - Segment 1
Instructional Coaching
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Happy Letters

Over my time as Principal I have always had a concern about children who don't get recognition because they work hard but are quiet. I guess you would call them quiet achievers.

Routinely I send out personal letters to parents acknowledging these children.

(I call them happy letters for want of a better term)

I do not have a set amount or number but it is usually about 1 or 2 children per week. If you have a child that seems to always come second and would benefit from a letter can you send me an email with a sentence about them and I will add the child to my list.

I know our PBL team is looking at measures for acknowledging these children as well.

Final Thought- Mathematical understandings

This clip displays why we need to know the 'how' of Mathematics as well as getting the correct answer...

I could see some of our Kindys explaining Maths like this...

7 into 28
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