So Far in South Korea

Issue 4

Since last time

Since the last time I posted, I have had two adventures: Cheongwon (a city in southern SK) and Namahe Island (a southern island in SK).


My friend (and co-worker) Alfonso is from Sonoma, California. He taught in Cheongwon the year before this one, and he took us to his old city to check out the large market, catch a baseball game, and see some of his friends from his old job. It was a blast to see a great baseball game, spend some time with good friends, and make some new ones! The city was beautiful, and filled with so many more trees than Jeongja...much more like home. It was a good change of pace for a weekend.

Namhae Island

Buddha's birthday is one of the few three day weekends across all of South Korea. With it, tons of people travel! My friend Sam and I traveled with a group to the southern end of the peninsula to Namhae Island. The weekend started with a sunrise from the top of a mountain and a walk around a temple. We then went to the beach, and celebrated a three day weekend on the beach in full force! Throughout the weekend, we went to a jazz concert at a German village, and a beef & garlic festival. Such an experience; I cannot even explain the amount of relaxing that we had. Thanks to everyone there who helped us have such a great weekend!

Besides the two trips

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