Unsen's Journal

About my lifestyle

Thursday, May 26

Yesterday after school i went to Cole's house to hangout with him and Corey. We went to a park next to his house and hung out there for a little bit. After that we went to his house and played basketball. Once we were all sweating we decided to go inside to get in the air conditioning. We played Xbox and watched Netflix. When I got home i went on the trampoline, we sprayed it with water and put dish soap on it so it was slippery but it was still really fun. After that i went to bed.
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Wednesday, May 25

Yesterday was not much different then the last couple of days. When i got home Cameron and I ate some chicken nuggets, then went to the park to play basketball. It was so hot yesterday that we only stayed for about an hour. After the park we went back to my house to get in the air conditioning. Then Cameron got a call from his mom saying that he had to go to his sisters game, he really did not want to go so i said i would go with him and Luke decided to come to. Once we got to DGIL Cameron, Luke and i decided to go to the mines. We walked down and walked on a trail that took us to the Julien Dubuque monument.

Tuesday, May 24

Yesterday I went to the park to play basketball. We only played two full court games because it got boring because there was not many people there. I witnessed two fights almost happen, they both were with one same guy because the guy kept talking smack to other players for no reason. We also climbed up on top of the bathrooms and sat up there and watched a couple more games. When i got home i remembered they now have black ops on Xbox 360 for Xbox one, so i played that all night. The only bad part was that i had to restart on my Xbox one.
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Monday, May 23

This weekend was a hot one, on Friday i went to the park to play basketball because a lot of my friends were there. On Saturday We went on the river. This time instead of going down river we went up because we thought some family where up at Waupton beach. After the river I went to Adler's house to hang out with him because he was having a lot of people over. We played hide and seek on golf carts and played wiffle ball. On sunday i went to the park again with Adler and Zach.

Thursday, May 19

Yesterday when i got home i had to cut the grass, Cameron was also at my house and I said i don't want to cut the grass, he then said "just do it and get it over with it will probably only take 18 minutes." I said i will time it. After i got done cutting the grass i checked my phone and it said 18.29. I went upstairs and told him it was 18.29 minutes, he was so proud of himself because he guessed the time. Then Luke came over and we went up to the park to play basketball. When we got to the park there was no one there. So we played a short game of 21. After the game people started showing up, Once we had about 10 people we played about 5 full court 5 on 5 games. It was a fun night. The last game we played a guy got mad at me because i called a travel on him because he pivoted then hopped on his foot, he got all up in my face and i just walked away. after the game he did not stop saying sorry.
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Wednesday, May 18

Yesterday When i got home from school i went with my step dad to go get my sisters Melia and Allie because i wanted to stop by my dad's house to get my new case that i have been waiting for. When i got my case i loved it, it is waterproof, dirt proof, shock proof, and snow proof. The only thing is that it makes my phone big. After we picked up my sisters we went home and Brad (step-dad) made mac and cheese quick. Then we had to go to Melia's softball game. I hung out with Cameron and Robbie because Cameron's sister plays on the same team.
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Tuesday, May 17

Yesterday when i got out of school i was excited because i thought my case for my phone would come. When i got home i decided to track the package, once i got the tracking number i checked the website to see if it was going to be here today. It said delivery date Monday, May 16 then i refreshed it and it switched to Tuesday, May 17, i was so upset because i was hoping that it would come. After that I went to lay down in my bed because my head hurt super bad, i took about a hour and a half nap. Once i woke up i still didn't feel good and when we ate dinner i did not eat much because i was not feeling to good. Once i was done eating i took some ibuprofen and told my mom i was going to go lay down for the rest of the night because i did not feel good.
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Monday, May 16

This weekend was a good weekend. On Friday Devin, Luke, Zach and I all decided to go to the saints game. We found some more friends at the game. The game was fun, but in the last 5 minutes of the game Tri-City scored four goals on us and the game ended 5 to 1. On Saturday i slept in until about 10:30, then once I got up I ate breakfast and took a shower. Once i got out of the shower Cameron called me and said that he is home from Florida. I was so excited to hangout with him and see all his new shoes that he got and his ear rings. When he got to my house we waited for Luke to come to my house. Once he got to my house we went to the park to play basketball. Then we stayed over at Cameron's house. On Sunday we went to the park for the whole day and played basketball. That was my exciting weekend.
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Book review

The last book i read was about a week ago it was called football genius its about a kid who does not get to play on his team very much because the coach hates him, but he can read every play before it happens. Then his mom started working with the Baltimore Ravens and he got to go to the games. Once he met the coach he told the coach that he could read plays before they happened. The coach did not believe the kid but once he read a couple plays he finally believed him. Then they let him be a "coach" and tell the players what play they would be running so they could stop them. Then the other teams started to catch on but they just told them it was nothing.

Friday, May 27

This weekend i am going camping with Cole and my family. We are going to Lake Joy. We will be staying from Friday to Monday. We will go kayaking, swimming, riding the golf cart, and fishing and much more, we will have a blast!