Come to America!

Nicole Coker, period 5

The Homestead Act

This Act allows a chance for a new start on your own land. A numerous amount of acres of public land will be up for settling, for just a small filing fee. Choose your land and live a new life!

Farming the Plains

As the Great Plains are being farmed on, food is abundant and life is rich. Growing your own crops can be wonderful as food and money are never scarce.
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Klondike Gold Rush

Join the rush and the search for wealth in gold! Find gold and never work another day in your life - but only in Klondike!

Europe's Political & Religious Persecution

Why face the persecution of your political and religious views in Europe, when you could be free in the great United States? In America, everyone is free to believe what they want, no matter how obscure or how extravagant. Escape the persecution and judgement today and come to America!
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The Lure of Life in America

Who doesn't want to come and live the American dream? A white picket fence, a healthy family, and more money than anyone would ever get in Europe or Asia! Freedom rings in the great country of the United States of America! Come to the USA now to be free and happy for the rest of your life!