By James Gachelin

How do you get a concussion?

The two different ways you can get concussions are by getting a blow to the head or when your brain shakes very rapidly inside your head. Although there may be cuts or bruises on the head or face,there may not be other any other visible signs of a brain injury.
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Signs and symptoms:

  • -brief loss of consciousness after the injury.
  • -memory problems.
  • -confusion.
  • -drowsiness or feeling sluggish.
  • -dizziness.
  • -double vision or blurred vision.
  • -headache.
  • -nausea or vomiting
Sport Science NFL Concussions and helmet to hemet collisions


The different ways that you can treat a concussion is rest,also dont watch TV or anything electronic and if you have a big headache you can use advil.


I once had a concussion while playing soccer and I went to a doctor and they told me to not use anything electronic,and to rest a lot. And after 3 days I was better and i could play completly at 5 days