Pre K weekly Update

Hooray for school and sunny weather!!!

Robert Regular R, Plants, Addition and Robots

Your Pre K students were hard at work, as usual, this week. We practiced reading sight words and simple sentences. We met our newest letter buddy, Regular R. We practiced handwriting in our journals, phonics books and on our own. We wrote sight word sentences about some of our favorite plants. We will hang them in the hallway. We hung up our addition problems in our classroom by the computer. GREAT JOB FRIENDS!!! We sequenced the story The 3 Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot. We drew our own robots. In science, we reviewed parts and needs of a plant. We listed what we wanted to grow in the pre k garden. We graphed our results. We practiced measuring and talking about recipes. We are in the first step of our project based learning. Next week, we will do some plantings and towards the end of the year we will finish our PBL with a cook-off. We will keep you posted when we get closer to our cook-off. Meanwhile, stop by to check out our plant growth in the next couple of weeks. In math we practiced number recognition, number writings and simple addition. We went OUTSIDE for RECESS!!!!!!

St. Patrick's Day Dance on Tuesday ..Dress down and wear ........GREEN ....PLEASE!!!!


Next week we will learn about the letter Y. We will continue to work on our plant PBL. We will learn about maps in social studies. We will introduce subtraction in math.