Weekly Launch

May 1-5


The front office will be extra busy this week! We have Kinder/Pre-K registration!

Please be sure to be on time for drop off and pick up at lunch.

Take some time in the next few weeks to connect with parents by email. We are in the home stretch. We want to give parents every opportunity to help their kids catch up if they are behind with homework/missing assignments.

Thank you for being patient with us during summative time. I know there were times we were both out of pocket when you needed us. Please use team members if you need a place for your student to reset. Also, pick up the phone and have the kids call their parents if you think that will help!

These next 4 weeks are when we need to be the most consistent! Please keep routines in place as much as possible. Also, monitor recess closely. You may need to give up your spot on the bench so that you can walk around and monitor closely.

Congratulations to Tina. She is the new instructional specialist for the Pre-K program. While we are sad for us, we know she will do amazing in this role!

Important Dates

May 1-Pre-K/Kinder Registration all week 8:30-11:30

May 2-Huddle-3:30

May 3-Jen B. out in a.m.

May 4-Wear your character shirt with jeans

Stephanie McBride will be on campus 9:00-11:00

2nd grade program-7:00

May 5-8:30-2nd grade program

Volunteer Breakfast

4th grade field trip

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Word of the Week-Generate

Character Corner

Word of the Week-Trustworthiness

Morning Announcements-Fore

11 Principles of Character Education

Principle 7-Effective character education strives to foster students' self motivation

Schools of character work with students to develop their understanding of rules, their awareness of how their behavior affects others, and the character strengths--such as self-control, perspective taking, and conflict resolution skills--needed to act responsibly in the future

The foundation of an approach to discipline that will foster students internal motivation to act in caring and responsible ways is to create classrooms and schools that take students seriously as people and treat them in caring and responsible ways.

In order to make good decisions and resolve problems, students need to develop social skills or competencies, such as taking others' perspectives, communicating respectfully, practicing self-control, and negotiating a fair solution, to name a few.

Helping students recognize the natural consequences of their prosocial behavior increases the likelihood that they will repeat that behavior in the future. They do so not because of a teacher's praise but because they value the behavior itself.

Providing opportunities for restitution--doing something right to make up for doing something wrong-helps students learn from their mistakes and regain their good standing in the community.

Shout Outs

Shout out to:

-K-2 for opening their classrooms for Brookwood teachers. They were so excited about taking back all the great ideas they saw on their visit

-Shara Mills for all the wonderful art work that she has done with our students this year.

-everyone for making the voting ladies feel welcome here. They have commented how friendly our school is.(and they have been to other schools

-all our teams for reflecting at our PL time today

Teacher Appreciation Week

May 1-5

Teacher Appreciation Week

May 1-5

Monday-Breakfast from Panera Bread

Tuesday-PTA luncheon from Chuy’s

Wednesday-We will stock the fridge with drinks and will have Sonic ice

Thursday-Look for a gift in your box

Friday-Chips and Salsa