What happens in Christmas here?

Netherlands & Portugal. By: Laura Cervantes

Important Dates

In The Netherlands, an important date is December 5th because that's the day of a major celebration they have. In Portugal, the important date is just like ours'. December 24th and 25th.

Night Before

(The Netherlands) They leave a shoe out every Saturday because Sinterklaas may weekly visit, even though the main day is December 5th. (Portugal) Father Christmas leaves presents. They can enjoy a wonderful meal together.

Gift Bearer

In The Netherlands, Sinterklaas is the gift bearer. In Portugal, Father Christmas is the gift bearer.

Day Of

The Netherlands- The day of Christmas is December 5th. Portugal- They eat Christmas lunch together and enjoy their goodies. Christmas is on, I think, the 25th of December.

Traditional Foods

They eat pepernoot and Christmas ring cake in The Netherlands. they eat codfish,green vegetables,boiled potatoes,shellfish,wild meats,cakes,fried cookies and nuts.

Other Traditions

(Portugal)St. Nicholas Day (both) is on the the 6th of December, but in The Netherlands the major celebrations are held on the 5th of December. (The Netherlands) Father Christmas is belived to bring presents on Christmas Eve, rather than Christmas Day. The gifts are left under the Christmas tree, or in a shoe by the fire place.