Tech and Assessment

Using technology to track and assess student learning

But it's so complicated!

Much like anything you do, the hardest part is getting started. Think of it as a part of setting up your classroom for the year. Once you've set up, all you need is the students! It is they who will drive your plans forward, and once trained, they'll be able to take over and become responsible (and more aware) of their own progress and self-assessment.
Collaborative Digital Presentations Enrich Projects (Tech2Learn Series)

Teach me.. (3:00)

How do the students become the teachers? Collaboration and Reflection..
Blended Learning: Making it Work in Your Classroom

Why should I use tech in the classroom?

Let's discuss. What points from these videos started you thinking?

Think of one or two ways you could introduce the use of technology into your daily lessons?

If you already are, share with us some of your explorations? Successes? Reflections?

What tech should I use?

Starting out with tech can be a little daunting, especially because there are so many amazing tools out there! Here are some examples....
Chatter Pix Kids
The New Google Forms (2016) Tutorial

What will it look like?

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Want to do some of your own research?

Find out what works for you...remember..

1. Pinterest (all hail Pinterest!!) - chalk full of ideas

2. Google Apps for Education - if you haven't already, get on there and do some searching!

3. YouTube - just YouTube it! Endless videos to tell you about it and how to do it.

Now what?

Set one goal for yourself, and GO!