By: Scott Westerfeld


15 year old, Tally Youngblood is super excited to turn 16. When you turn 16 in the future you become a pretty. She runs into some trouble though. Her best friend, Shay, runs away and the only way Tally can become a pretty is if she finds Shay and brings her back to be turned into a pretty. Tally has to decide if she wants to stay ugly like Shay or if she will betray her best friend just to become a pretty.


  • The Smoke
  • Special Circumstances
  • Uglyville

The Smoke- The Smoke is where runaway uglies go because they don't want to turn pretty.

Special Circumstances- Special Circumstances is a place where people get interrogated and it is like a hospital too.

Uglyville- Uglyville is where you grow up once you reach the age of 12 until you turn 16 when you turn pretty.


Protagonist- Tally is the Protagonist. She is the main character in the book. Tally has frizzy brown hair and bright blue eyes.

Antagonist- Dr. Cable is the Antagonist. She is a special trying to blackmail Tally to give up where the Smoke is or NEVER turn pretty.

Others- Shay is important because she is Tally's best friend and she is the one Tally had to go get from The Smoke. David is also important because he is the one who runs the smoke plus he helps try to break out the people from Smoke out of Special Circumstances.

Reflection Questions

What was your favorite part of the story? Why? My favorite part of the story was when Tally and David break in to Special Circumstances. I liked that part because I thought they were being really risky and it had good detail.

What advice would you give to the main character? Why? I would tell Tally to convince Shay not to go to The Smoke and to not give up on making sure she doesn't go away. I would tell her that because if Shay hadn't gone to The Smoke then Tally could have been pretty and living life to the fullest in New Pretty Town.

If I could change something about this book what would it be and why? I would change the helicopters in the book. I would change that because it is in the future and there wouldn't really be any helicopter around, plus there are many other crazy things from the future that could replace the helicopter.

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Personal Recommendation

I loved the book. Anyone who likes crazy things in the future or adventure and risk should read this book. There is a little bit of everything in this book, it is so good. I would definitely recommend this book. I would recommend this book because it had a lot of risk and adventure and it is funny at times.

Author Info.

Scott Westerfeld wrote this book and many more books.

  • He is married to Justine Labalestier
  • He doesn't have kids and doesn't plan to have any.
  • He was born on May 5, 1963
  • He grew up in Texas, California, and Connecticut
  • He used to work as a substitute teacher

He had nothing to inspire him to write the book or the series.