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Week of February 20, 2017


Our mission is to inspire and empower students to become engaged learners, high achieving scholars, and positive role models.


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This Week's Fun Holiday - Presidents Day

Will one of the International Academy of Trenton students be the next President of the United States?

Challenge your students that they too can make a difference in our school, community, town, state, country and the world if they put their minds to it!

Below are some links to some videos and other activities and fun facts about Presidents Day.






Perry Street Parking Lot - Concerns are gathered here!

Secret Pals Needed ASAP

We are in need of more Secret Pals! I have a few that have just turned in their forms and I need to others to sign up to make an even swap.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Jennifer in person, by phone or email (jrobertiello@iat.sabis.net) so I can send you the Secret Pal Questionnaire.

This week @IAT

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This Week's Birthdays

May your day be blessed and may you have a wonderful year ahead!

Glislaine Santiago-Cruz - February 22nd

Gregory Chornomaz - February 23rd

Christian Simmons - February 26th

Stephen Caputi - February 26th

Exam Averages

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