Ocean Ecosystems Poster

By Collin Humphus

Over Fish

People are starting to catch too many fish at one time. We catch every year 2.7 billion dollars worth of fish a year, to stop over fishing we need to stop for a period of time to let the fish population grow.

Nets, Pollution, and Fertilizer

There are nets that are left behind by fishing still in the water, animals get stuck in the nets and die. A way we can stop it is too try to fish out the nets. Pollution is very bad for the ocean, when trash is on the ground and it rains the trash gets in the ocean. The animals eat the trash and die, a way we can stop it is to just pick up your trash. Fertilizer is another way to hurt the ocean, when you put fertilizer in the grass and it rains it goes in the ocean it grows algae and it cuts off air and sunlight for the animals. To stop just water your grass and not put fertilizer in the grass.

Oil Spills

When people try to find Oil they drill in the ocean but some time things go wrong. People spill the oil in the ocean and kills animals, a way to help the animals is to clean them off.