Mikayla Hoosier

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Ads in the 20's were used to catch peoples eyes. They producers wanted the consumers to buy their products, and since there was no televisions they had to be creative.
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These women were nontraditional, they wore more revealing clothing. This was also around the time women got voting rights, and became more rebellious.
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During the 1920's, Charlie Chaplin movies were very popular. They were silent films, meaning there was no talking but you could hear the sound effects.
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One of the most famous gangsters was Al Capone. He was never charged with a murder, and made tons of money from bootlegging.
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Time Magazine

Time Magazine was a widely known magazine and still is. This picture shows the Person of the Century, Albert Einstein, a well known scientist.
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Urban Streets

In the 1920's Ford came out with the first affordable car, almost anyone could get one. Having these cars meant the streets would be filled with them, like in the picture above. The cities were very crowed, as they are today, and it was hard to move around.