By Phillip & Layla

How geothermal is formed and used

Geothermal energy is generated in the earths core. Temperatures hotter than the suns surface, it is continuously produced inside the earth caused by slow decay of radioactive particles, a prosess that happens in all rocks. People use it to heat up their homes and produce electricity by drilling deep wells and pumping the hot underground water or steam.

Is my resource renewable or nonrenewable

It is renewable because it is continuously produced.



Geothermal power plants release less than 1% of the carbon dioxide emissions released by a fossil fuel power plant. When the water or steam is used it can be pumped back in to the ground.


*Not widespread source of energy

*High instillation costs

*Suited particular region

*May realese harmful gases


Where is this resource found most abundantly



Harmful effects to the earth using this energy

* harmful gases

* extracting geothermal fluids can reduce the pressure in underground