Fiddler on the Roof Update

January 19

Six Weeks to go!

We've done a lot of great work and we have a lot of great work to do!

It's time to start thinking about PROPS. If your character is holding a book, hold a book! If your character is cleaning potatoes...find some potatoes! (Kids' potato toys are fine.) If you are in a bar scene, you need a plastic or metal mug (no glass or ceramics!) If it is plastic, you'll need to coat it with aluminum foil. Let us know if you need help finding any specific props.

It's also time to start thinking about COSTUMES. Note: We will be renting costumes from SKIT again. Don't send in money just yet, but expect a rental fee of about $15.

We will be letting you know if you will be using a microphone soon. Performers using microphones are asked to wear a pair of bike shorts (tight fitting Lycra shorts) that will help us fit the mics quickly. White or black is fine, and they are usually in the $15 range at places like Target.

TENTATIVE Schedule... Expect plenty of updates...

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Wedding Dance Preview

Guys dance
Girls dance