The Fire Next Time

Smore Bulletin

Main Arguments

1) The "Negro Problem" : Baldwin describes this "Negro Problem" by using his life on how it feels to live as a Negro

2) Religion : Baldwin is shown to at first love religion, but as he became older he noticed the deceit of the church and how it affected everyday life

3) Society : Baldwin explains pretty much the whole book on how America is diseased and evil and even tells his nephew the dangers on a young black man.

Rhetorical Analysis

Anecdote: The whole book is a anecdote since it is a story from Baldwin's life

Contradiction: pg. 32 - He states on how he was saved by the church, but how he believed the church he could no longer remain

FORGET THE PAST - Motivational Video

Media Connection

This connects to The Fire Next Time by stating on how the only way the American Negro can live in this world, is by forgetting the past.