Green Revolution

Grow More Food

What is Green Revolution?

3 basic elements in the method:

  • continued expansion of farming areas;
  • Double-cropping existing farmland;
  • using seeds with improved genetics


1) India became the world's leading exporter of food grains.

2) India became to be able to pay back all of its loan from the World Bank, which raised its own creditworthiness.

3) Green Revolution created many jobs, not limited to farmers but also agribusiness workers and industrial workers.

4) India became self sufficient, which made it to earn admiration from other countries.

5) Green Revolution became one of the factors that made the Indian National Congress, an political party of India who promoted Green Revolution, very strong and supported by people.


  • crops are resistant to pests and diseases
  • crops can be grown on a massive scale
  • crops can be grown anywhere, on any soil
  • not only benefit the farmers, but benefit the industrial workers, also
  • can develop the country, where the Green Revolution has occurred, economically

Personal Opinion

I agree with the concept of Green Revolution. Statistically, it had saved many lives in the world, and led a lot of countries to the development. The perfect example would be India. It can help the world economically, politically, and sociologically. Disadvantages always exist, even in the most perfect concepts. In this case, disadvantages are overruled by advantages. Therefore, I agree with Green Revolution and I think it should be promoted in more countries.