Cyrus the Great!

By: Belle, Diane, and Karla

Cyrus the Great (580-529 B.C)

Cyrus the Great was the first Achaemenid Emperor; he founded Persia uniting two Iranian tribes which were the Mendes, and the Persians. Cyrus was famous since he was known to be a great leader, so much in fact he controlled one of the greatest Empires at one point.

What He Accomplished

  • As a leader he accomplished being in control of the entire middle-east and was "king- of-kings." He conquered land, yet let the kings remain kings as long as they stayed loyal to him and gave him twenty percent of their earnings.
  • He also accomplished creating good vs. evil and gave individuals the freedom of religion.
  • Since Cyrus was king in Persia and he gave everyone the freedom of religion the Empire had huge diversity. This allowed everyone to be united by Empire and not by their cultural traits. This added a lot of success to the rise of the empire.


Overall, we believe Cyrus the Great was a good leader. He brought many positive impacts to the Achaemenid Empire. Due to him being king Persia did not have slaves and he gave the Jews land back. he is often reviewed as a kind, generous individual.