Urban Farming Workcamp

Organized by SCI Hong Kong and Hosted by SCI Beijing

Urban Farming Workcamp

Monday, July 11th, 3pm to Wednesday, July 20th, 10am

Beijing, China

Beijing, Beijing

Program Description 活動內容

  • Theme of the Service Tour: Urban Farming and Sustainable Living

  • Date: 11th July - 20th July

  • Venue: Beijing

  • Content: organic farming and gardening in Little Donkey Farm, intercultural training related with climate change and eco-friendly lifestyle


時間:7月11日至 20



  1. 到小毛騾農場有機耕作,體驗農夫生活
  2. 跨文化學習,了解氣候變化和生態友好的生活方式

Participant Requirements 參加者要求

  • Hong Kong permanent residents aged between 18 and 29

  • Number of Participants: 15

  • Participants who have not participated in a government sponsored program to Mainland China before will be sponsored by Commission On Youth.

  • Interested in exploring diversity in China

  • 參加者名額:15名
  • 參加者如從未參加過受政府資助的內地交流活動,團費可獲青年事務委員會資助
  • 對中國多元文化感興趣
  • 持有香港永久身份證的18至29歲青年

Food and Accommodation 食宿安排

Accommodation: Hostel next to the farm

Food: Supplied by Little Donkey Farm, prepared by participants



The program is financially supported by Commission On Youth.


For details: http://www.coy.gov.hk/


Contact Person 活動聯絡人