Right Brain

i'm the crative half

By: Korin Park-Overton

right brain dominancy

People who are dominant with their right half of the brain tend to be more creative, and tend to have careers as artists, athletes, musicians, dancers, etc. Right-brained people tend to use visuals when learning, using diagrams, videos, pictures, etc. They also tend to not follow the rules and would rather figure it out themselves than read the directions.

Right Brain Strengths


Us right brained people excel at things like drawing and songwriting. And are very good at using their imagination.

Hands-On-Learning Ability

We right brained people also tend to work better in groups. And learn better with things they can see and touch rather than read and hear.


The right side of the brain also tends to make decisions based on gut feelings, intuition or emotion, heads straight to the answer to a problem instead of thinking about the facts.