The Lightning Bolt 2.0

Recharge for the trip of a Lifetime

Starting at $35, 500

The Lightning Bolt 2.0

With the electric motor, Lightning Bolt 2.0 will not use any type of gas. Which means that you won't harm nature and you won't pollute as well. The car also has been built with strong materials, so in case of an accident, the driver and the passengers won't be harmed as much as a normal car. Lightning Dust 2.0 can carry up to 6 passengers at a time and has airbags for the front seaters.

Electric boost!

The Lightning Dust 2.0 will have electric boost for extra power when you need to travel farther. Because the car is electric, there will have to be charging stations, just in case if you do run out of power. What would happen if you were driving down the road and then you run out of power? Well, with our special charging stations around the world built specially for our company, you will never have to worry about ever losing power in your car. Charging only takes 10 minutes and it's no hassle. It will come with a printer so if you forget your work at home, you can plug in your computer and just print it off. Included in the Lightning Dust 2.0 will be a hands free phone for when someone calls you when you are driving AND park assist, a GPS, holds more than 10 CD's at a time, it will be all voice command. Includes heated seats for the winter time, camera's around and at the back of the car and theft alarm.

Uh, Why should I buy this car?

NOBODY, will have this kind of technology of the Lightning Dust 2.0, because only our company will build and create the car that YOU want. You can customize your car to match your needs like stereo surround sound, automatic locking doors, paint the car whatever color you want and design and you can also add child safe locking doors.