Loveland Leader

May 2020


The mission of Loveland elementary school, in partnership with our actively involved community, is to promote excellence and instill a desire for learning by challenging each individual within a safe, supportive environment.

Loveland's Expectations

Be Safe

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Dear Loveland Students and Families,

Wow the end of the school year is here. I typically write my good-byes and have a great summer in the May newsletter. This year I am taking a new approach. I want to take this time to THANK several groups of people.

Thank you Loveland students for your hard work and dedication to school this year. The 2019-20 school year has been unique but very successful. You all faced fourth quarter’s challenges with strength and perseverance. I am so lucky to be your principal and am so proud to be a Loveland Lynx.

I cannot thank the Loveland parents enough for supporting your child throughout this school year. Thank you for your patience, flexibility, and partnership during our extended learning journey. This experience could not have been a success without your ongoing dedication and support for your learner.

I am so proud of the Loveland staff for their dedication and unwavering commitment to the Loveland students and community. Each staff member has made a huge difference to our students' lives throughout the 2019-20 school year, always putting our Loveland learners first. I am so lucky to work alongside all of you!

Additionally, a big thank you to our amazing Loveland Community Club for their support and dedication throughout the school year. Many parents volunteered time, partnering with staff to provide enrichment activities for our students. Without your time and talent, the learning experiences would not have been as meaningful. The support from parents and community has made our school a much richer learning environment for all.

Please continue being safe this summer by practicing social distancing so we can all come back to school this fall. I hope you have a fun, happy, healthy, and joke filled summer break!

Knock Knock

Who’s there?


Noah who?

Noah more school – it’s summer vacation!

~ Ms. Hornung

Loveland's Family Pick-Up Time on Friday, May 15th From 9:00 a.m. to 4 p.m.

We are asking that families abide by an alpha assignment (by last name) for time of arrival on Friday, May 15th. Please see the below chart:

9:00am-11:00am --- Last Names: A-G

12:00pm – 2:00pm --- Last Names: H-O

2:00pm – 4:00pm --- Last Names: P-Z

Locations for Drop-Off and Pick-Up (See map for specific locations)

Procedures for Day of Drop-Off and Pick-Up of Materials

Please enter the Loveland parking lot from Pacific Street. You will remain in your vehicle at all times and drive through the parking lot to drop school and district materials off. There will be three designated drop-off stations located in the Loveland parking lot on the sidewalk bordering the side and front door of the school. Each station will be run by a Loveland staff member. Please tell the staff your child’s first and last name. They will safely take materials from you and tell you to pull forward onto Ridgewood Avenue.

You will then drive onto Ridgewood Avenue and pick-up materials. Each station will be run by a Loveland staff member. Please tell staff your child’s first and last name. They will safely give you your child’s materials from school. You will remain in your vehicle at all times.

If you have multiple children at Loveland, you will need to give the staff member all the childrens’ first and last names. We appreciate your understanding, patience and careful driving.

What Should Parents/Students Do to Get Ready for Drop-Off on May 15th?

All textbooks, library books, iPad, instruments, other items that are the property of the school will need to be returned. Work that was completed at home during eLearning does NOT need to be returned. Please put all materials into a grocery sack or bag. On the front of the bag, label in large print: Child’s First/Last Name, Teacher and Grade Level


Westside Community Schools will continue to have access to many learning services through the month of June that are accessible on the iPad for student learning. If you have a desire to discontinue learning through the month of June or are not returning to Westside Community Schools, please return the iPad, lightning cable, and charger at this time. Swanson will have another collection date for iPads during the summer. I will be in communication with you once this date is determined.

What Will Parents Receive at Drop-Off/Pick-Up?

Our teaching staff will be diligently working to carefully and safely bag all of your child’s belongings and instructional materials by the May 15th drop-off and pick-up day. You will receive your child’s materials, supplies and belongings from your child’s classroom.

Information to Keep this Day Safe and Healthy

Staff have been told to keep their interactions brief and without contact. Please do not take our brevity during the pick-up/drop-off time for a lack of caring. We miss all of our students deeply, but I have asked the staff to not engage in any close contact, hugs/high-fives or extended conversations.

This opportunity will be done in a way that prioritizes the health and safety of our families and staff. Staff members will be wearing protective masks and gloves. Staff will have bags at the stations and families will not be entering the school. They will come to your vehicle to pick-up your labeled bags. If you or someone in your home is in quarantine or has Covid-19, please do not visit school. We will find an alternate day and time for you to receive your materials.

We appreciate your support and adherence to our determined procedures. On this day, we ask for your patience, cooperation and support as we swap materials. This is unlike any year that staff, students and parents have experienced in closing down our classrooms and the school. We appreciate all that you have done to support us during this unprecedented time, including this last day of school.

Good Luck 6th Graders

Congratulations to the Loveland sixth grade class of 2020 for finishing their elementary school years. We are proud of you and your accomplishments. We are confident you will continue with even more successes. Good luck in your next adventures. Remember, you will always be a Loveland Lynx!

-Loveland Staff

6th Grade Citizenship Award

Ryan Kelly:

Congratulations to Ryan Kelly on winning the male citizenship award for Ms. Cramer's class! Ryan has consistently shown each and every day how responsible he is. He works hard, accepts feedback, helps others, and is kind to everyone. Ryan is always on the lookout for how he can assist both students and adults, and he always has a positive attitude. He knows what his values are and stays true to them in everything that he does. He is also a creative problem-solver and is always willing to share his skills. Students and staff have all benefited from his willingness to help out. Thanks to Ryan for being an amazing citizen and role model to all!

Margaret Smith:

Congratulations to Maggie Smith on winning the female citizenship award for Ms. Cramer's class! Maggie always comes to school with a smile on her face. She is kind to all, and she loves to help anyone that needs it. She works hard, always does her best, goes above and beyond, and looks out for her classmates. Maggie likes to volunteer around the school in her free time, and is always dependable and willing to do whatever is asked of her. Responsibility is clearly a value that is important to her as it shines through in everything that she does. Thanks for being someone that stays true to their values and approaches life with a positive attitude Maggie!

Calvin Tomcak:

Congratulations to Calvin Tomcak on winning the male citizenship award for Mr. Campbell's class! Calvin is earning this award due to his many "quiet" characteristics that he possesses in class. He has shown to have great respect and has proven responsibility throughout ALL his years at Loveland. I would consider him a "silent" leader; he listens, is trustworthy and is always kind to teachers as well as classmates. This award is for someone who shows integrity and honesty through and through each day. He is definitely worthy of receiving the Citizenship Award.

Elizabeth Bender:

Congratulations to Elizabeth Bender on winning the female citizenship award for Mr. Campbell's class! The 6th grade class voted Elizabeth "Student of the Week" for 3 different weeks over the course of a couple months. I'm not sure there is anything better than your classmates honoring and voting for you for such an achievement! Throughout the year, she has shown characteristics of leadership, honesty, responsibility and compassion. She LOVES working hard and accomplishing her goals. She is self-driven and honest, which are two traits that will take her very far in life. Elizabeth is well decorated to earn the Citizenship Award.

6th Grade Safety Patrol

A big thank you to our 6th Grade Safety Patrol for keeping the mornings and afternoons safe! We sincerely thank you for your commitment and maturity, you have served our community well! Thanks!

7th Grade Requirements

Nebraska law requires all students entering 7th grade to have a complete physical (also fulfills the requirements for a sports physical).

  • For those playing sports, physicals must be performed after May 1st; for all others, examinations must be performed after March 1st.

  • A Tdap booster given after 10 years of age prior to entering 7th grade is also required.

Please call your health care provider to schedule your child's physical and immunizations. Once completed, we ask that you turn in your completed physical, along with immunizations, to the ABC Building (909 S. 76th Street) before August 1st. Please email questions to

Melissa Smith, RN, BSN, BS

Westside Middle School

Phone: 402-408-8652

Fax: 402-390-6454

To All Student Council Members

We would like to thank you for your participation in Student Council during this 2019-2020 school year. We appreciate your ideas, interests, and involvement in helping make our school great. We are Loveland! Have a great summer!

Student Council Members Fall 2019

Tusca Novotny

Charlie Oakes

Charlotte Agulla

Logan Hollins

Vijey Rajavel

Marley Helvey

Hassan Mohamed

Colin Hawkins

Maidah Musse

Reese Fisher

Calista Perez

Sabur Shoev

Gabby Semrad

Zoe Conley

President: Lucas Agulla

Vice President: Jack Hawkins

Treasurer: Nick Bartusek

Secretary: Emre Gedik

Student Council Members Spring 2020

Lillian Perez

Stella Rogers

Max Hausman

Abigail Gaughan

Sonali Sanchez-Soto

Stella Garman

Anna Conway

Joey Foral

Laura Collins

Caroline Davies

Kendall Greenwald

Calista Perez

Lucy Wing

Belgin Kabashi

Joey Marehwa

Ryla Dallan

Porter Moore

Luke Miller

Ethan Brooks

President: Elizabeth Bender

Vice President: Lucas Agulla & Sam VanderVeen

Treasurer: Lizzie Swanson

Secretary: Ryan Kelly


A special thank you to the Loveland Community Club for submitting photos and purchasing a yearbook for every child this school year. We would like to especially thank Katie Bauerly who served as the editor and creator for the 2019-20 Loveland yearbook. She put in hours of hard work and time to make sure all the activities were captured and included in the yearbook! Thank You!

Thank You

We all enjoyed the wonderful gifts, pictures, letters, thoughts and love from our Loveland families during Staff Appreciation Week! Your kindness touched our hearts. Thank you!

~Loveland Staff

Please Take Care of Technology

Due to a drastic increase in the number of physically damaged iPads this week, we are asking you to be especially careful in the treatment, handling, and storage of student iPads. When the iPads are not being used, please identify one specific safe place in your home where iPads should be stored on a regular basis. These safe places should be out of the way of normal kid/parent/pet activities that might cause damage. These spaces should be off the floor, away from casual seating/sleeping areas, and away from drink/food.

Thank you for helping us take care of our technology.

Paul D. Lindgren, Ph.D.

Director of Technology

Westside Community Schools

Summer Reading Tips for Parents

To help reduce the summer brain drain, set aside a consistent time each day for reading. Depending on your family’s schedule, reading time might be in the morning, afternoon or before bed time.

  • Read aloud to your reader. As school-aged children become better readers, parents often stop reading aloud to them. However, by reading more difficult books aloud, you help your reader learn new vocabulary words, concepts, and ways of telling stories or presenting information.

  • Connect read-aloud choices to summer activities. Read books to your learner about camping, such as “Webster and Arnold Go Camping”, before or after a camping trip. When you read and discuss books about events your learner has experienced, you help develop important vocabulary and extend the learning.

  • Allow your child to choose books for summer reading. While it is important for your child to complete reading required by the school, it is equally important for your learner to read about topics of interest, whether it is insects, dragons or a favorite fiction series.

  • Take books along on outings. Pack books in your beach bag, picnic basket, or bring a stack on long car rides. You and your learner can enjoy books together, anywhere you go.

  • Encourage your learner to write this summer, too. From writing postcards to friends and relatives to keeping a journal, summer presents unique ways for your learner to write about meaningful experiences.

MTSS (Multi Tiered System of Supports)

Westside Community School District participates in academic screening in the fall, winter, and spring as part of our MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Supports) process. Due to COVID-19, we were unable to complete spring screening. However, screening will resume in the fall so that we can best assess each student’s skills and develop instructional plans to match.

Due to extended campus learning with COVID-19, classroom instruction and many reading interventions were interrupted. Each classroom teacher, special education teacher, and family has been doing their best to continue to support the learning of all our students. As we enter into the summer, it will be especially important this year to continue learning in the area of reading as teachers will not be sending home daily work. We want to highlight a variety of ways you can help your child with their reading skills and access other programs over the summer. This link outlines opportunities to continue learning using apps located on the iPad that will be available through June 26th and without technology throughout the summer.

Summer Meals Program

Westside Community Schools is extending our Summer Meals program to ensure all students have food at home during these closures.


Monday, May 11 from 8:30am-12:30pm

  • Westbrook Elementary School (1312 Robertson Dr.)

  • Westside Middle School (8601 Arbor St.)

  • Prairie Lane Elementary School/Swing School campus (3534 S. 108th St.)

Monday, May 11 from 4:00pm-6:00pm

  • Westside Middle School (8601 Arbor St.)

Every child (ages 1-18) will receive 5-days worth of meals (breakfast and lunch) at one of our drive up sites to take home. There is no charge, and no ID is required.

Photo Gallery of Loveland's 4th Grade Girl Scout Troop 41757

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