A Light in the Sky

By: cynthia mercati

Plot summery

In this book there is a young girl named jenny she lives with her mom and sister in St. Germains

France. A few years ago her brother was killed and her dad had to go to war. So than one night when the nazis and the British were fighting she woke up and looked out the window of her room. Than she see's a British pilot parachuting down into the woods. Dose she go and get him to safety or let the nazis get him. If you want to find out read the book


I think the theme of this book is we were in darkness now but someday we'd all walk in sunlight again. I think this is the theme because right now the nazis are in there country taking over them. But someday they will be walking in sunlight when the nazis get defeated.

Historical event

In France there was a group called the Resistance. The Resistance was a group that did things to stop the Nazis. The groups started after the 18th of June 1940. The groups did things like blowing up bridges that the Nazis used. Another example, the Resistance took wood they had stored that they needed to cook and keep warm with. Also,the Resistance put sand in the fuel tanks of their vehicles. The Resistance was I big part in stoping the Nazis.


The Resistance was portrayed in the book as a group of brave and clever men, women, and children. One example of them being brave was them just going against the nazis. Then another thing was they were clever by stealing wood from the nazis that they used to keep worm and to cook with. The Resistance did small things, but it still impacted the nazis. In the book is showed that the Resistance was a heroic part in the book.

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