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First Grade Happenings

Week of February 8, 2016

February's "I Love to Read" month is in full swing! The Scholastic Book Fair will be held in the media center and will be open from 9-4pm Monday through Thursday next week. Don't forget about the "Cookies and Books" evening event on Thursday from 6-8:30pm.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Class Valentines

We will celebrate friendship in our classroom on Friday, February 12th. Students are welcome to bring valentines for the students in our classroom, as well as friends from other first grade classrooms. If you choose to send in food items with your valentines, please do not include anything containing peanuts or tree nuts. If sending valentines to school presents a hardship for your family, please let me know so that I may provide assistance.

Here are the members of our class. Please include everyone when sending valentines:

Leevi - James - Marc -Talon - Jaden- King- Aditi - Josie J. - Torin- Kayla - Lauren - Annabelle - Connor -Josie L. - Tobie - Lilly - Melissa - Avah - Carlin

Animal Awareness Week

Student Council is sponsoring a new initiative at Birchview, Animal Awareness Week. They will be raising awareness and support with a pet food and supply drive. A list of needed items can be found in the Birchview Bulletin.

Language Arts

As we discuss and read various biographies, students are learning there are many ways to learn about history. Photographs, letters, objects and listening to people tell stories about the past are just a few of the ways. We will expand on these next week.

Students also "judged" their collections, writing about which item was their favorite and giving details to support their opinion.There has been a lot of very impressive writing!


Students are using what they know about place value to write numbers using expanded notation. For example, 53 is made up of 5 tens (50) and 3 ones (3). Next week we will learn strategies to expand our knowledge of basic number facts, including doubles facts, doubles facts +1 and turn-around facts.


Students planted wheat in STRAWS this week! No soil was used, as a single seed was placed on top of a piece of paper towel in the straw; the straw was then put in water. We're now waiting for germination. We also planted rye grass and alfalfa.

Digital Day Schedule

2/8 Day 3: PE/Media (Book Check-Out)
2/9 Day 4: PE/Music
2/10 Day 5: Art
2/11 Day 1: Technology
2/12 Day 2: PE/Music

Reminders and Upcoming Events

Please note that all of February's fun events can be found on your

"I Love to Read Month" calendar.

  • February 8th-11th: Scholastic Book Fair
  • February 15th: No School/President's Day
  • February 17th: Field Trip to MN Landscape Arboretum

Weekly Spelling Words

Our practice test will be on Monday and our final test will be on Friday of next week:
far, bar, star, car, tar, jar, scar, ajar, boxcar, streetcar

Important Links

Twitter This Week

You do not need to sign up on Twitter in order to keep updated on classroom events. Simply click on the link below to get a peak at your child's learning!

IXL Math/Online Practice

Online math practice of secure math skills for students.


Online guided reading program with interactive ebooks, downloadable books and reading quizzes.