Chia Seed Lab

What liquid makes the chia seeds grow the fastest?


We chose to do this lab so that we could see the difference in growth between the growth of chia seeds when given different liquid that act as their H2O supply.

Why We Chose To Do It

We knew that you were supposed to water plants regularly to help them grow, but we wanted to know if any other things besides regular H2O could help them grow better. SmartWater is infused with electrolytes, and BodyArmor has lots of vitamins in it.


If we water the chia seeds with regular water, then the chia seeds will grow the fastest because there will be no other ingredients affecting it.


Independent: Amount of water

Dependent: Growth of chia seeds

Control: Type of soil, size of cup, amount of liquid

Extraneous: Amount of sunlight, temperature

Our Procedure

  1. Put soil in three pots

  2. Plant the chia seeds

  3. Water each pot with water, Smart Water, and BodyArmor

  4. Put pots by light source

  5. Measure chia seeds growth with ruler

  6. Repeat steps 3-5 until enough data is collectedWhich Drink Makes the Chia Seeds Grow the Fastest
  7. Day
  8. Water Height (cm)
  9. Smart Water Height (cm)
  10. BodyArmor Height (cm)

    Day 1

    0 cm

    0 cm

    0 cm

    Day 3

    2 ¼ cm

    1 cm

    0 cm

    Day 6

    4 ½ cm

    3 ½ cm

    Plant was disposed of because of mold

    Day 9

    7 cm

    5 cm



The results of our experiments was not exactly how we had planned. Our chia seeds being watered with BodyArmor began to contract mold so we had to dispose of it. Our plants we then discovered that the other 2 plants were receiving too much water and they died.


Based on our results, we can conclude that regular water is the best thing to water plants with because the chia seeds that we watered with regular water grew the tallest the fastest.

Future Experimentation

If we were able to redo the experiment in the future we would probably use a different liquid instead of BodyArmor because the BodyArmor plant contracted mold. We would also give our plants less water because they died due to over watering.