Professional Development Plan

Jillian Williams


The 2014-2015 school year is my 2nd year as a Media Specialist for Allen Middle School. After spending the 2013-2014 school year becoming acquainted with my facility, students, staff, and everyday tasks of a school librarian, this year I have more forward-reaching goals. These goals are:

  • to complete my Masters of Library and Information Studies at UNCG
  • to reorganize the book shelves for easier navigation
  • to train student assistants in circulation and fiction genre labeling
  • to train student assistants in library organization
  • to facilitate and train student techies on tablet troubleshooting


The focus for this school year will be cleaning up the collection and creating a more welcoming space and environment. My goals are:

  • to apply for a donor's choose grant to get 4 short shelves on wheels
  • to create a "hang out" space with bean bags, rugs, and a tablet charging station
  • to paint the half walls
  • to paint quotes along the perimeter ceiling


The focus this year will be growth and development. My goals are:

  • to join the school leadership team
  • to collaborate with teachers on at least 10 lessons
  • to attend multiple state-wide professional development conferences


For this school year I would like to focus on community outreach programs. My goals are:

  • to work with parent liaisons and PTSA to develop a community check out program
  • to collaborate with local public libraries
  • to host multiple literacy events for students, parents, and community members


The goals for this year will be centralized around getting National Board Certified. My goals are:

  • to receive National Board Certification

Jillian Williams

Jillian is the face and voice behind the Library Media Center. Contact her for all of your tech, book, research, or Doctor Who needs. She doesn't always speak in the third person, but as she is in her final semester of grad school, her brain has gone slightly mad.