Principal's News

Week 7, Term 4

We expected the best, and we got it!

So...... the Art Show went down well. So many positive comments from our parents and such pride from our students. I was speaking to a couple of Dad's who said that they thought that it would be a '5 min walk through' and couldn't believe that one and a half hours later they were still there enjoying themselves. They went on to say that it was a smart move to have champers because if it was beer or red wine they would have been there for another hour and a half.

Congratulations to everyone. It was an outstanding effort that will be remembered by parents, students and the community for many years to come. Particular thanks to Karen, Mary, Mary and Marie who worked like trojans in the set up and pack up, to Jacinta who worked so well with the parents, to Jane who directed the 'poppers' and to Denise for having a vision and seeing it through to the end. What would we have done differently - nothing, it was just perfect!

The bar has been set. St Augustine's believes in the less!

Siobhan McManus, the holiday is over! Welcome back.

What else ....

  • There will be more Art Show items on their way to you this week. Please encourage the kids to take them home, not just bin them. A lot of work went into them.
  • Thanks to all those who covered Lenore's duties. Siobhan, they're all yours now.
  • This terms motto - 'throw as you go - don't leave it till the end'
  • This weeks lunch order is a big one, if the mums are having difficulty in getting it out hot and on time I will suggest that the 5/6's get theirs at 12pm. We will let you know in the morning how it is progressing. please be patient, the mums are doing their best.
  • Have a good week!

We learn more by looking for the answer to a question than we do from learning the answer itself. Lloyd Alexander