The Fall of the Roman Empire

By Mollie Stadlin

Why the Roman Empire Will Fall

Our Empire that we have formed and perfected over thousands of years will be gone soon. There are many signs that can inform us why.


Our army is one of the main reasons why our empire is falling. There has been mass migrations of entire nations coming to attack our lands, and our army can't handle it. Our nation's men don't want to join the army and they want to stay with their families. Also, our armies are more loyal to their commanders than the emperors. The commanders have been using their armies to try to overthrow the emperor. Many soldiers are dying in wars everyone knows we can win. Since our population is decreasing, our taxes are increasing.

The Split

Another reason why our empire is falling is because we split into two empires. Our emperor Diocletian decided that the empire was too big to manage and that the city of Rome was too dangerous. He chose to move the capital to Byzantium, where he will rule the Eastern Roman Empire. Soon after his decision, the Western Rome Empire was overthrown, leaving us with the Eastern Roman Empire.

Our Eastern Empire hasn't fallen yet, but we don't know what will come in the future...