Geology: Studied by Geologists

By: Ryan Smet

Branch of Science

Geology belongs in the Earth branch of science. Geology belongs there because geologists study the earth's many layers and its properties.

Education Path: Geological and Earth Science

Geological and Earth science teaches you about the Earth's many layers and history. You would learn about how to locate natural resources and identify natural hazards. You would also learn how to provide land use information and pollution control. Some helpful courses are:

- Advanced chemistry courses

- Advanced physics

- Basic computer

- Calculus

- Computer science and programming

- Earth science

- General Computer applications

- Geology

- Pre-Calculus

- Technical writing

Some helpful college courses are:

- Economic Geology

- Environmental Geology

- Mineralogy and Petrology

- Petroleum Geology

- Structural Geology

- Paleontology

Training School and Colleges

I chose UW Oshkosh because the ratings and programs for geology are good. UW Oshkosh is located in a suburban setting, in the county of Winnebago. It is a 4 year, public university. The student faculty ratio is 21:1 ,with a 29 student class size. The average GPA of a entering freshman is 3.24. The average ACT is 20 to 23, and the SAT score is 960 to 1099.

About the Job

Geologists study the earth structure. They explore and map areas. They also identify rocks, minerals, and fossil fuels. They work in the field so the conditions change with the environment. They work in primitive or faraway would be somewhat easy to find a job in Wisconsin. In the nation you can make $168,570 while in Wisconsin you make $41,300. One employer is Scientist 1, geology, which is located in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Some factors that affect employment in this job are your ability to work with others, location, and number of geologists looking for a job in that area.


Yes, I could see myself doing this job. I have always thought that this would be a co

Ol job since I was younger. I find that working this job would help me meet new people, which think would be good for me. Being in Wisconsin you meet a lot of different people, but you all have the same culture. Some pros and cons for me are:


- Fun jobs

- traveling


- Away a lot

- Working in primitive places


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