Child Labor in South Asia

by: Whitney Walker, Kearin Beeson, & Stacey Kopinski

What's it like to work as a child in South Asia

About 21.6 million children between 5 and 14 are working in Asia. Children over 10 are looked as adults in South Asia and are typically assumed to be working. 2 million of these children work in hazardous environments such as firework and brick manufacturing and glassware production. They have frequent injuries and illnesses due to the conditions in the factories. However, most of these injuries actually occur in agricultural activities.

Working in services

The majority of children work making supplies and goods. The most common industries are footwear, carpeting, surgical instruments, and soccer balls. Most children are sent to work due to the lack of money their families have.

Pakistan Child Labor

The average person makes 5 dollars a day. Most of their child labor is in the Nike industry. This is how the United States ties into this because we are buying all their products. Soccer balls are especially a product constructed by little kids.

India Child Labor

Digging for coal is common for children in India. Coming with this they have no heat/air conditioning, bathrooms, or running water. It is very dirty and they go down about 70 feet on wobbly ladders.

Afghanistan Child Labor

Children work in brick manufacturing to pay off debt. They work from 8 to 12 hours a day. Many break bones because of the weight they carry every day.
Child Labour In India