An introduction to bottle filling

Bottle filling machines are used to fill up some kind of liquid into bottles for mass selling. There are different types of bottle filling machine used to fill up different type of liquids in bottles. For example, there are water filling machines, cosmetic cold cream filling machines, nectar filling machines, dairy products filling machines, etc. some of the commonly used bottle filling machines are discussed in the paragraphs below.

Overflow automatic bottle filling machines:

An overflow automatic bottle filling machine is probably the most commonly used filling machine used in the industry as it has the capability to handle a huge variety of thin as well as medium viscous liquids. It is commonly known as a cosmetic height filling machine or fill to level filling machine. The name refers to the fact that the machine is designed to fill up to a targeted filling height in a bottle rather than on the basis of the volume of the liquid.

The machine operates on the basis of a closed loop. Therefore it is also fit for handling any kind of foamy products. Some of the products that may be filled into bottles using this machine include water, dairy products, cleansers, motor oil, liquid soap, etc. The machine is very easy to operate and comes at a price that is lower in comparison to other advanced machines.

Pump automatic bottle filling machines:

A pump automatic bottle filling machine is a pretty versatile machine that may be used for filling almost every type of products that have the ability to be pumped. Each of the nozzles installed on the machine has a controlled pump that is dedicated to delivering thin products, medium viscous products, thickly viscous products as well as large particulates products. Because of the fact that the machine is versatile in its operations, it is the best choice for contract fillers who have no idea about their next filling venture. The products that may be filled using this machine include cosmetics, soaps, sauces, salsa, greases, oils, pharmaceutical products, etc.

Peristaltic automatic bottle filling machines:

A peristaltic automatic bottle filling machine is a high end filler having the ability to fill smaller volumes of products with the highest levels of accuracy. Because of its feature of high accuracy, the machine is ideal for filling up sterile pharmaceutical preparations, specialty chemicals, dyes, inks, reagents, essential oils, fragrances, etc. the fluid path used in the machine is disposable and pretty easy to clean up. So there is no need to worry about contaminations. You can achieve the accuracy of as much as 0.5% for filling volumes of below 1 ml.

Time gravity automatic bottle filling machines:

These machines are the most economical and cheapest fillers that may be used for filling up some limited products. The machine is perfect for filling thin liquids that don’t change as a result of batch variation or ambient temperature. The products that may be filled up include inks, paint, specialty chemicals, alcoholic products, solvent, water, etc.

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