Denali National Park

lizette pacheco

history of the park

.Denali National Park was founded as a wildlife refuge in 1917. It was first called Mt. McKinley National Park, but its name was changed and it expanded in 1980 to include 4,000,000 acres in compliance with the Alaska National Lands Conservation Act.In 1976 Denali was designated as an International Biosphere Reserve. Biosphere reserves have been designed as tools for reconciling and integrating the conflicting interests and pressures that characterize land-use planning today

geology of the park

denali national park and Preserve is located in the central area of the Alaska Range, a mountain chain extending 600 miles across Alaska. Its best-known geologic feature is denali, formerly known as Mount McKinley. Its elevation of 20,310 feet makes it the highest mountain in North America.


  • some things to do include:
  • Camping
  • Bus tour
  • Photography
  • Backpacking
  • Whitewater rafting
  • Mountaineering
  • Denali Wilderness Safaris
  • enviroment

    This subarctic wilderness is home to more than 1,500 species of vascular plants, mosses and lichens. They form the foundation of the park's ecosystems and define the habitat characteristics for all of the more famous and recognizable denizens of Denali National Park such as moose, wolves, eagles, caribou and grizzly bears. Without the rich and diverse vegetation communities that blanket the park landscape, this area would be entirely barren of animal life


    location and directions

    mile 135 to mile 164 george park highway

    driving directions- take the george parks hwy. north to mile 135

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    to enter the park there is a fee of $10.00

    the first day of being at denali national park i would take the free shuttle bus and just take a peak at all the places to see and if there was anything interesting then i would make note of it and look at them the next day so i could relax. along the way id go to the book store and get some coffee( estimated M.S.S: $25.00) after i was done id go to healy and fairbanks and rent a cabin depending on when i visited the prices would be

    ** $96 june through august**

    **$82 may and september**

    there is many things to do in healy and fairbanks id think the second day of the trip id tour around and go to the the aurora ice museum because it seems very interesting. ( M.S: 175 and up)

    after visiting the museum id go shopping for some souvenirs at Elegant Memories Antiques ( M.S: $$30.00)

    (estimated M.S.S: $$200.00)

    id go see if any of the food place choices are any good from the reviews the one that caught my attention would be the salmon bake where i would spend about $25.54

    id go back to my cabin for the last night and when i woke id go back and site see back denali park and rent a bike and take a bike trail.

    ( total estimated M.S: 235.34)